• Posters:Poster for a UN sponsored non-profit that supports families in Burkina Faso by giving goats.
  • Sales Collateral:Product brochures for a global employee spend management company.
  • Logo Design:For an internal event at a service focused business.
  • Cookbook:For FAO Guatemala in connection with the UN to encourage the consumption of potatoes.
  • Promotional Flyers:Low budget production designs to encourage older girls involvement in Girl Scouting activities.
  • Signage and Case Study: Designed to promote small events and customer success stories.
  • One-page marketing brochures:Designed to promote competencies within a small business to potential clients.
  • Direct Mail:A self mailer and direct mail envelope with a letter (not shown) and survey. Two campaigns were created to meet the two products and markets targeted.
  • Diagram:A poster and PowerPoint design for a personality and work habit diagram.
Posters:1 Sales Collateral:2 Logo Design:3 Cookbook:4 Promotional Flyers:5 Signage and Case Study: 6 One-page marketing brochures:7 Direct Mail:8 Diagram:9
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