• Presentation Design and Watchout Programming: For the Verizon keynote at CES 2011. Click to view the keynote.
  • Event Design: Art direction and graphic design for a Premera Blue Cross corporate event. The design included the pieces shown above as well as a PowerPoint template, nametags, a tri-fold flyer and several other event signs to be displayed and the conference area.
  • Presentation Design:PowerPoint design and presentation graphic creation. These slides were part of the year end Microsoft keynote event for all sales employees in the US. The PowerPoint slides were the outside two screens of a three screen display, the inside screen was programmed in Watchout.
  • Presentation and Digital Signage Design:Premera Blue Cross event for Alaska insurance producers. Design based on a recent Alaska specific advertising campaign.
  • Presentation Design:PowerPoint template creation as well as additional presentation design for two Microsoft events, MEDC a tier 1 event, and LCA an internal legal event.
  • Presentation Design:PowerPoint presentation designed for the general session at MGX FY2011.
  • Event Design:Art direction and graphic design for a Premera Blue Cross event given annually to brokers in Alaska. The design included the pieces shown above as well as additional collateral and event signage.
  • Presentation Design:An internal presentation for Microsoft employees. Actual text has been removed for confidentiality
  • Presentation Design: A master PowerPoint deck for all sales associates.
  • Widescreen Presentation Animation:The Living Proof Project.
  • Presentation Design:PowerPoint presentation design for Microsoft Women's Conference.
  • Watchout Presentation Design:Presentation animation programming through Dataton's WatchOut software for the Microsoft keynote at CES 2010. View the presentation here.
  • Presentation & Information Graphic Design:Slide and graphic design for sales presentations at UC4.
Presentation Design and Watchout Programming: 1 Event Design: 2 Presentation Design:3 Presentation and Digital Signage Design:4 Presentation Design:5 Presentation Design:6 Event Design:7 Presentation Design:8 Presentation Design:9 Widescreen Presentation Animation:10 Presentation Design:11 Watchout Presentation Design:12 Presentation & Information Graphic Design:13
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